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What are weight gainer and whey protein?

What are weight gainer and whey protein?

Whey protein

Milk is composed of two protein i.e. whey and casein. The whey protein from milk can be separated from casein and used in cheese making as a byproduct.

It is termed as complete protein as it is low in lactose content and contains all 9 essential amino acids which are absorbed quickly by our body. Generally, it is used as a supplement by wrestlers and body builders to promote growth mass and to improve muscle protein synthesis.

Whey protein is the composition of Bovine serum albumin, Beta-lacto globulin, immune globin and beta-lactoglobulin. It is not just a protein. It is also rich in nutrients, helps is to gain muscles, strength and also to lose a certain amount of body fat.

Health benefits:

  • It contributes to significant weight loss and preservation of lean muscles in the body.
  • It has anti-cancerous properties so is used in the treatment of cancer.
  • It helps in improving immunity for asthma and is helpful in lowering cholesterol level.
  • It is useful in reducing hunger.

Weight Gainer

These are supplements which increase muscle mass and are high in calories. These may also contain proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and various other supplements like Creatine. Navpaurush is an ayurvedic tonic for weight gain.

Weight gainers provide lots of calories and protein which our body can easily use. These are beneficial for people who are struggling to gain weight or wrestlers and body builders to build their muscle mass. The most important benefit of weight gainer is that they provide us a substantial amount of calories.

One thing we should keep in mind that most of the weight gainers have Creatine which may lead to dehydration, bloating in the stomach or digestive discomfort. Navpaurush is an ayurvedic way to gain weight. As ayurvedic way is safe and has no side effects so it is considered as the best ayurvedic tonic for weight gain.

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