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Weight Gain – Take Natural Remedy for Optimum Result

Weight Gain – Take Natural Remedy for Optimum Result

Weight Gain – Take Natural Remedy for Optimum Result

People across the world are experiencing health troubles not only the reason of obesity but also for underweight or loss of weight. Now the point is, how do you measure your body weight? Medical science says a person with his Body Mass Index (BMI) ratio is less than 18.5, considered to be underweight or poor body weight. For this reason, people usually suffer from fragile bones, low immunity, fatigue, anemia and many more health problems.

As far as gaining weight is concerned, Ayurvedic remedy plays a safe role as it has no chemicals added in its treatment process. Ayurvedic medication like NavPaurush Syrup finds the root of the problem rather than removing it on a temporary basis. The ingredients like Asparagus racemosus, Tribulus Terrestris, Shilajeet, Mucuna Prurita Hook, and Triphala, used in NavPaurush Syrup are completely natural.

Advantages of NavPaurush

  • Improves metabolism that allows you to feel hungry for taking food
  • Boosts immunity as well as protein absorption capabilities of the body
  • NavPaurush Syrup helps in providing rejuvenation to your body
  • Acts as a re-hydrating factor that stabilizes fluid inside the body and increases body weight

Home remedies in Ayurveda to gain weight

  • Take healthy yet small meals in 2-3 hours interval throughout the day
  • Choose your diet rich in vitamins, proteins, and unsaturated fats
  • Consume maximum amount of dairy products milk, curd, cheese, ghee, etc.
  • Add ginger, garlic, black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon in diet that helps to improve digestion and improve the overall health
  • Take mango shake, pomegranate juice regularly
  • Do not drink water just before or after having food
  • Regular sesame oil massage as it helps in improving muscle strength and relaxes the body
  • Regular workout such as brisk walk and various yoga asanas like sarvangasana, halasana, and matsyasana, etc.
  • Adequate rest and stress-free life

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