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Some Nutritional tips based on healthy living:-

  • Add healthy caloriesYou don’t need to drastically change your diet every time. You can increase calories by adding nut, cheese, almonds, fresh farm fruit, or whole-grain bread.
  • Healthy Snacks:-You can enjoy snacks that contain plenty of protein and healthy carbohydrates. Consider options like protein bars (rich in protein and fiber) or peanut butter with multi-gain bread. You can also, enjoy snacks that contain “healthy fats” like almond, cashew, avocado which are important for a healthy heart.
  • Eat mini-mealsIf you’re struggling with a poor appetite, due to any issue Consider eating smaller meals throughout the day to increase your appetite and calorie intake.
  • Drink lot of water:– An active individual can drink one gallon of water per day to keep his body hydrated. Water aids the liver and kidneys in the detoxification of poisons from the body. Without sufficient water, we become dehydrated and our organs do not function optimally.
  • Do not Drink or Smoke:-Smoking and drinking are the enemies of the body. Researches have shown that Drinking and Smoking leads to fatty deposits on the liver.
  • Get Enough Sleep:-Poor sleep can drive physical and mental performance. Sleep is very important as regular diet and exercise for healthy living. At least 7 hours of sleep on daily basis is required for every individual for healthy and stress free living.