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NavPaurush is an Ayurvedic mass gaining supplement and blend of clinically proven pure herbs that can enhance the development of weight gain and strong muscles. Formulated with high-end proteins and pure herbs it can enhance energy and muscle strength during strenuous workout sessions. Enriched with vitamins and pure herbs, this supplement can enhance your muscular look. This powder aids in the recovery of muscles from fatigue and soreness. Further, it works effectively for the development of your overall body weight. NavPaurush Ayurvedic weight gainer powder is perfect blend of pure herbs and protein that contain very less amount of fat. Unlike most protein supplements, NavPaurush Powder is combination of all essential macronutrients for optimal body growth. The high amount of calories provided by this powder act as fuel in the gym while working out. Nav Paurush is an easy way of increasing calorie intake to build muscle and gain weight. With balanced blend of pure herbs and vitamins this supplement helps you to gain weight naturally without any side effects.

Rs. 570

500 GM for 10 days


Superior taste sweetener offers a promising alternative unlike normal sugar which generally contain bad sugar. It aims to reduce the calorie intake, without exhibiting any significant side effects. Apart from zero added sugar, the additional perks include the availability of three different flavors: – Chocolate, Banana and Vanilla.


  • Avoid smoking and intake of other drugs.
  • Take protein rich food such as milk, banana, pulses, curd and egg every day.

Key Ingredients


Kukudatwak Bhasm

Shankh Bhasm



Loha Bhasm

Mucuna Prurita Hook


Tribulus Terrestris

Withania Somnifera

Pueraria tuberosa

Argyria Speciosa

Asparagus racemosus


It provides strength to the body.

It acts as a coolant and improves skin colour and complexion.

It is a herbal rasayan consisting of equal parts of Emblica Officinalis, Terminalia Bellirica

It provides a natural nourishment to the cells of the body and increases strength of the body.

It creates new blood, treats anemia, improves digestive power and useful in liver disorders. Upon consumption for just 6-7 days, it increases body weight by 4-5 pounds.

It eliminates stress and anxiety and increases stamina.

It is used to cure fatigue, indigestion, joint pains and blood related disorders.

It is a very effective herb for increasing endurance and promoting muscle building. It significantly fights fatigue and low energy levels.

It reduces liver problems, stress and other health problems.

It is the best dietary weight gain supplement that nourishes the whole body. It also increases vigor and vitality of the body.

It corrects the metabolism and helps in the removal of toxic fluids from the body.

It is a rejuvenating tonic for overall health and vitality. It also helps with pain, nervous disorders and restless sleep.