' Nav Paurush Weight Gain Syrup: An Ayurvedic Tonic for Weight Gain


The simple science behind weight gain is to increase calorie intake. Rich with blend of pure herbs and clinically proven vitamins and minerals this syrup activates body metabolism and appetite that helps in easiest  way to gain weight. Its delicious taste revitalizes you instantly. NavPaurush Syrup is scientifically developed after years of research by Nutrition experts. This syrup is extensively tested for safety and quality for all age group. Nav Paurush Syrup is herbal formulation to enhance over all body development. Rich with blend of 100% pure herbs and essential vitamins and minerals helps support healthy body development. NavPaurush Syrup comes with a balanced mix of pure herbs and clinically proven vitamins and essential minerals which supports weight gain without any side effects. It helps you to gain desired weight without any side effects. NavPaurush contains all important natural herbs which work collectively to help you grow and maintain desired body weight. Nav Paurush syrup may be taken regularly to enhance the body immunity and to gain weight naturally. It should be taken by people of any age. It works naturally and helps to achieve desire weight without any side effects. This Syrup is a complete solution for people who find it difficult to gain weight

Benefits of Nav Paurush Syrup

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improves digestion
  • Increase stamina
  • Increase metabolism and appetite, which promotes weight gain.
  • 100% pure and clinically proven.

Who Should Consume

NavPaurush is family health tonic and can be consumed by entire family for overall body development. It contains a perfect blend of herbs, which work to increase the stamina, metabolism and immunity of the body.

How to consume Nav Paurush Syrup?

Take 2 teaspoon of NavPaurush Syrup after morning and night meal to meet your daily requirements.