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Gain Weight Naturally and See Transformation

Gain Weight Naturally and See Transformation

Whether one is naturally skinny or lost weight with any another reason and now wants to put on some weight, the best and effective way to gain weight is naturally. It can be done by dietary planning and with some ayurvedic medicines. Also we can stick to healthy lifestyle and eating habits. There are many ways by which we can gain weight best way is to increase calories consumption naturally. That means focus on consuming far more calories that our body requires daily or we burn daily, include healthy habits in life style and so focusing on health.

So methods to be followed are

1. Include more calories in diet: Calorie dense food such as dry fruits, raisins, potatoes, rice, whole grains, etc.
2. Eat more proteins: It is basic thing in building muscle mass in body. Foods such as beans, eggs, lean meats, nuts and diary product are main source of protein.
3. Use healthy fats and oils: Ghee, oils like olive oil, avocado oil, and nuts oil can be used for cooking.
4. Include snacks: between the meals healthy and calorie dense snacks can be added to increase calorie intake.
5. Eating habits can be changed so that our diet should be healthy and balanced. Focus on eating solid meals and take large meal portions to increase calories and never skip a meal. Add smoothies, yogurt or fruit juice with or after the meals. Avoid drinking water before food as it fills stomach and leaving less room for meal.

Eat and incorporate foods rich in nutrients, such as bright-colored and green leafy vegetables, fruits, meat and include dairy in your diet as they help in increase of calories.

In addition of diet exercise is also important aspect of weight gain. For healthy weight gain exercises should be included, weight lifting and weight training helps in gaining the best kind of weight for your body. So time to hit the gym and start with slow workouts and then gradually increasing them.