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Food Tips for Right Weight

Food Tips for Right Weight

The skinny body, ill fitted clothes and thinking negative about yourself can do number on your self-confidence. Being skinny does not mean that you have to hate your body and lose your confidence. Studies suggest that self-love is very important in confidence building and self-esteem and add on will be your commitment to accomplish it.

Gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight. Some people say that they eat lot but still are not able to gain weight. Lots of eating will not always result in weight gaining, important thing is that eat right food and at right time. Certain foods are very effective in weight gain, so we can simply add these foods into our diet to gain weight.

Listed below are the best foods which help in weight gain and hence add muscle mass to our body:

Milk: Milk is very important food for every age and everybody type. It consists of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other vitamins and minerals in balanced form. It is also great source of calcium. Drinking milk helps in weight gaining as it is an excellent source of proteins. So add more milk into your diet i.e. in form of snacks, with meals, at night before sleeping and most important before and after workout.

Nuts and their products: This is perfect choice if you are looking for the weight gain. Nuts are rich in proteins and healthy fat. Just two handfuls of nuts can add hundreds of calories. Nut butters are delicious and high in calories so can be added in our diet.

Rice: Rice is easily available and very low cost source of carbohydrate which helps in mass gain. It can provide very high amount of calories and carbohydrates in single serving only.

Red Meats: Red meat is excellent source of protein and helps to stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

Supplements: Consumption of supplements is widely used to gain weight. These can be used in addition to your diet to help in increase your weight.

So work on it now build your confidence and achieve the desired weight.

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