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Diet Along With Weight Gainer

Diet Along With Weight Gainer

Most of the people who have weight related issues are obese, but there are also many people who have opposite problem i.e. they are too skinny. These both weight related issues are not good for our healthy life. Life irony is that if we are plump then we want to reduce weight a look thin and if we are thin we want to put on some weight to look good.

Being underweight means that BMI (body mass index) is below the 18.5 and is more common in women. As a result of underweight in many cases there are chances of rise in risk of infection, factures or osteoporosis, low immune system and age related muscle problems. If one is planning to gain weight, then important thing to keep in our mind is to do it in proper way. Work on to gain enough fat with balanced amount of muscle mass rather that unhealthy belly fat.

Below is listed effective diet plan for healthy weight gain:

Weight gain may be time consuming, it is not that by consuming excess weight gainer will help us to achieve fast. We need to be patient, eat right food, right quantity and at right time.

First step is to increase your daily calorie intake: Add those foods in your meal which have high calorie content. Eat rich calorie food like meat, bread, cereals, pulses, nuts and dry fruits. Add healthy foods like carrots, lettuce, spinach, French beans and red meat to your diet. Intake of full calorie dairy products should be practiced. Avoid sugary and fast foods as they just budge for belly fat.

Number of meals should be increased, add small meals in between big meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Addition of protein is also important as only calories will not do it. Proteins help in building muscles. For addition of protein include sprouts, pulses, chicken, eggs, fish and dairy products into your diet.

Healthy fats are also important for growth and strength of muscles. We can get fats from seeds, leafy vegetable salmon etc.

With the healthy food try some weight gaining supplements and see changed you.

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