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Nav Paurush Products Of Ambic Ayurved is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in India. Our mission is to be a leading global Ayurvedic healthcare company which uses modern technology and innovation to meet everyday needs. Ambic Ayurved has a state-of-the-art facility conforming to the international standards (GMP and ISO9001:2008 standards) that manufactures the largest range of Ayurvedic medicines, Ayurvedic cosmetics and other herbal products. From procuring raw materials to packaging of products, the company meticulously monitors every stage of the manufacturing process to deliver quality, reliability and extended shelf life. As the largest exporter/manufacturer of Ayurvedic products this company which is headquartered at Meerut (U.P) for the past 15 years, aims to extend the ancient Indian herbal treasure trove for the benefit of people around the globe. Ambic Ayurved, today operates in key consumer product categories like over all health care. Ambic Ayurved has a wide distribution network in both urban and rural markets. Ambic Ayurved also recommends various Ayurvedic home remedies formulated using natural herbs which are pure chemical free and clinically proven.

The new reformulated and innovative Ayurvedic mass gainer powder from the house of Ambic Ayurved is the ultimate weight gain formula naturally and that you grow big and muscular.


Unlike a regular weight gain powder where the bulk of calories come from sugar and fat, Nav Paurush weight gainer focuses on complex carbs and high-quality proteins to fill in the calorie needs. Enriched with vitamins and minerals Nav Paurush weight gainer relieves energy fatigue and empowers you to train harder. Nav Paurush natural weight gainer is for both men & women and is available in capsule, syrup and powdered forms. Being 100% natural, this Ayurvedic weight gainer powder does not have any side effects on the body. Nav Paurush weight gainer for women and men helps in easy way to gain & maintain weight. It is 100% natural made from pure herbs and clinically proven formula which can be taken without any doubt. NavPurushAyurvedic mass gainer powder contains no stimulants or thermo genesis.

NavPaurush powder, syrup & capsules gives enough energy and nutrition that helps in gaining weight naturally & in a healthy manner without any side effects. NavPaurush powder firmly believes in delivering what it claims, without a tinge of disappointment. The internet is full of stories which reflect the huge number of customers who are satisfied with Nav Paurush. Keeping in mind the reliability of Ayurvedic Products, people these days prefer ayurvedic based products over whey protein based gainers. Hence, to sum it up, the weight gainer powder is an ideal supplement for people who are craving for a good personality since ever, be it male or female

Unlike other retailers or manufacturers that display third-party reviews, all of our reviews are written by NavPaurush genuine customers. In order to write a review, one must have ordered the product from Ambic Ayurved.com first. This means you received honest reviews, thereby helping you make a smarter buying decision.– HONEST PRODUCT REVIEW

24/7 day Customer Service

Ambic Ayurved offers all its products at cost effective prices by carrying out the whole ordering process online. Customer satisfaction has always been our first and foremost priority, and to ensure that we never take a step back before willingly helping them out with their concerns. Having claimed that we provide every type of solution, but it an order related query or health related we also hand out diet charts if possible.