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Nav Paurush powder

Nav Paurush powder is more than just a typical weight gain product. It is a very Read more

Nav Paurush Capsule

Nav Paurush Capsule is an excellent remedy for weight gain made from plant extracts Read more

Nav Paurush Syrup

Whether you are underweight or trying to put on a few kgs, Nav Paurush Syrup Read more


Nav Paurush

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Secret of my Ultimate weight gain

from Navpaurush

Secret of my Ultimate weight gain

from Navpaurush

Navpaurush Herbal Health Powder For Men & Women.

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Being underweight is like a disease?

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Navpaurush For Weight Gain Powder

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Best Ayurvedic diet for weight gain in noida

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From Navpaurush

What NavPaurush weight gainer do?

Nav Paurush weight gainer is in powdered form, helps you to add on your muscle mass and helps you to gain your desired weight naturally. NavPaurush weight gainer contain blend of pure herbs and clinically proven vitamins and minerals in a balanced ratio which provide you energy and fat in moderate amount.

Are there any Side effects ?

Being 100% Ayurvedic, all products of NavPaurush are pure and 100% natural.

Do NavPaurush weight gainer make me plump ?

NavPaurush is an Ayurvedic formulation of unique herbs which aims to increase your stamina, endurance and body weight gradually in a sustained manner. Using it along with regular work out and balanced diet will not make you look plump.

What is the health benefit of NavPaurush Syrup?

NavPaurush syrup is a health elixir. This syrup helps in over all body development without any side effects and it should be taken by people of all age group hassle free.

BMI  is the ratio between body weight in kilograms and square of the height in centimeters. A healthy bmi score lies between 19-25.

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We are full of muscles and juices. Get some hint.
Thank you very much Nav Paurush for giving this product, I have started to gain weight @65kg from feb-2017 & reached 78Kg at March2017.
Rohit Business Man